Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Jazmin Acosta
4 min readNov 23, 2020

Major: English Education Emphasis in Literature

· Research 3 or more Companies or Clients who might hire you either as a full-time employee, or as a consultant, or who might give you a summer internship.

· In your Medium post, list each Company or Client. For each company or client, write 1 paragraph about what they do and 1 paragraph about how you see yourself offering value to them.

LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District)

LAUSD would be one of my first options in applying as a substitute teacher once I pass the CBEST. This was my immediate thought because of location and I went to school in a LAUSD school. Also, as a substitute teacher it would be important to try out different schools to examine pros and cons. LAUSD often gets a bad reputation because of student demographic and budget. Because of my own experience in a LAUSD school, I would want to better that for other kids.

Downey Unified School District

Although I didn’t attend the DUSD as a child, I know there is great potential from students and for me to learn from them. I also live in Downey so that would be convenient. I actually did a mentoring program at Downey High School and it was an interesting experience. However, I didn’t create enough connections with teachers so it might be difficult to reach out.


I would find a tutoring job either in a school or in a tutoring center. I’ve thought of reaching out to the school’s writing center but I’m not sure if that’s only for current students. It might be difficult for me to get an on-campus job because of covid and also because I am taking a year off from school.

Website/Blog writer

Becoming a writer for a blog or website would be a great job because I enjoy writing and blogging already. I don’t know which businesses in particular are hiring for blog/website writing but it seems like an exciting job. Also, I am a fast typer and tech-savvy. I follow and keep up with many fashion blogs on social media so I would like to be part of that as well.

· Research 3 or more People who do what you’re interested in doing. Find their website. Find their blog. Find their resume. In your Medium post list each Person you found. For each person list a link to their website. Write 1 paragraph describing how they present themselves.

  1. Teacher: Professor Glenn


Like professor Glenn, I would like to become a teacher someday. Although Glenn is an art teacher, I would like to be an English teacher for middle school students. I have thought of pursing my masters to teach college but I don’t know if that is the best path for me. Professor Glenn is primarily an art teacher but is also an artist himself. Glenn presents himself as a confident educator who wants to inspire his students to also do well in life.

2. Author


As a writer, I want to one day be able to write my own book. One author who I came across is Rupi Kaur who is the author of a collection of poetry titled Milk and Honey. Kaur started her career at the age of 21 when she was a college student. Kaur has inspired me because she illustrated, wrote, and self-published her own work. Kaur presents herself as a confident and successful person because she kept preserving her work even though she got a lot of negative feedback.

3. Fashion blogger


As a writer and fashionista, I would love to become a fashion blogger. I chose to research Diane Pernet who is an American fashion blogger and founder of the international A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival. Pernet has paved the way for other fashion bloggers and has also been a costume designer. Pernet seems confident in her work because she started a fashion advice column that kick-started her career.

· Based on your Research of Companies/Clients, and your Research of Professionals in your field, write 1–3 paragraphs in your Medium post describing how you would use a website to position yourself as a promising candidate to be an employee, consultant, or summer intern for the companies/clients you’ve listed

As an English major who would like to write or teach for a living, I would fill my portfolio with my experience in writing. I would also include my own fashion for blogging positions. I would tell the employer that I am reliable and motivated. If I do apply for a teaching or tutoring position, I would make sure to include my previous works in classrooms for instance: the mentoring program I participated in, teacher observations I have completed, and my degree in English Education. Because this is my final semester in college, I would explain to my future employer that I am excited to finally start a new chapter in my life.